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Print Design

For years, I've been providing high-quality page layout, print design and graphic design services. Whether it be laying out a menu or program booklet, or designing an advertisement, I can assist by producing high-quality results that can be printed by a local printer or shared online.

From a napkin sketch to a printed product, I offer complete solutions for your publication needs. In addition to the design of the publication, my photography skills can help transform the look of your publication.

Software: Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign)

The Muleskinner - Missouri Innovation Campus edition

The Muleskinner: Missouri Innovation Campus (Special Edition)

The University of Central Missouri's Missouri Innovation Campus in Lee's Summit, Missouri was rarely featured in The Muleskinner due to it being a satellite campus located about 40 minutes away from the main campus. Despite that, the MIC is home to excellent programs for those in the Kansas City metropolitan area — all housed in a large yet beautiful, purpose-built building.

For The Muleskinner's March 7, 2019 print issue, we featured the MIC and its programs. The issue's design reflected the MIC theme. My design for the MIC issue called for the color schemes to match the color schemes used in the MIC building. I also suggested abandoning the traditional sections of the paper (news, opinion, sports, etc.) to categorize stories by the different areas in the building (general/admin, health, technology, etc.) to match the color schemes.

This issue was in full color. I modified the flag to match the color scheme, placing it in front of a full-page picture of the building at sunrise.

Software: Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop
Printer: Sedalia Democrat (Sedalia, Missouri)
Online host: Issuu

The Muleskinner - 2018 Homecoming edition

The Muleskinner: 2018 Homecoming (Special Edition)

The history of the campus newspaper for the University of Central Missouri stretches back almost as far as the history of the University itself. First known as “The Normal Student” then “The Student,” it wasn’t known as “The Muleskinner” until October 1972.

Because Homecoming 2018's theme was "Once A Mule, Always A Mule," we decided to mimic the design of the original October 13, 1972 Muleskinner with a special edition throw-back issue. The design was originally applied to the entire issue, but was later scaled back just to the front page. The special throwback flag was designed by EJ Henderson, inspired by the original 1972 flag.

In addition to the front page, I also designed the following ads: "Winky's" (pg. 5), JB Grace (pg.14), Clinical Research of the Ozarks (pg. 17), United Rentals (pg. 19) and the ProCuts ad (pg. 21.) All advertisements were designed in either Adobe InDesign or Illustrator.

Software: Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop
Printer: Sedalia Democrat (Sedalia, Missouri)
Online host: Issuu

Emancipation Proclamation Celebration 2015 booklet cover

Emancipation Proclamation Celebration 2015 Program Booklet

Each year in Boonville, Missouri, area churches and the CCBC, Inc. team up to host the Emancipation Proclamation Celebration. The celebration commemorates the freeing of slaves after Former President Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863. Celebrated on the first weekend of August, the celebration draws people from all across the country.

In 2015, the CCBC and I worked together to produce program booklets for the festivities. Area advertisers purchased ad space in the booklets. Information about events were published in the book, along with QR codes to quickly access online information and maps.

Software: Pixelmator, Pages (for macOS)
Printer: Columbia Printing (Columbia, Missouri)

Website Design

My interest in web design began in elementary school when I was interested in seeing how websites were built. I built my first websites using dial-up internet and a free tool called GeoCities. In high school, I started my own web design firm, Garrett's Websites.

Today, I hand-code my websites using HTML (HyperText Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading StyleSheets), the languages which websites are built using. Graphics are made using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. My websites include search engine optimization (SEO) to help boost the site's ranking in search engines like Google. I also implement Google Analytics, enabling the site owner to view critical information such as the readership of their site, popular pages, and site flow. Recent websites, such as this one, are 100% responsive to optimize viewing on mobile devices like tablets and phones.

Software: BBEdit, Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 and CC

Languages: HTML 5, CSS 3

Sites with an asterisk (*) next to name are no longer active.

Portfolio website

My Portfolio Site

I designed my portfolio site (this site) to not only demonstrate my work and experience, but also aspects of my personality. The color scheme consists of my favorite colors (teal and gold) and utilizes my own photography throughout. The background consists of a mock page layout I created in InDesign, using my own articles. The background also pays homage to Garrett’s Websites, a short-lived web design firm I operated in high school.

This website was constructed to be responsive from the ground up, allowing for optimal viewing on all devices. The website was also tested for, and subsequently refined, optimal loading speed (small file sizes) and search engine optimization. In addition to search engine optimization and optimal file sizes, the site makes use of additional Favicon images that can be used with various devices and browsers.

The website was originally published in April 2020 and received a major update in March 2021.

Software: BBEdit, Notepad++ (original design)
Languages: HTML, CSS

Emancipation Proclamation Celebration website

Emancipation Proclamation Celebration*

Every year, the CCBC and local churches hosted the Emancipation Proclamation Celebration in Boonville, Missouri. Also known as “EPC” or “August 4th” to locals, the event celebrates the anniversary of the liberation of African American slaves in the area. The weekend-long event attracts people from all over the country to the various events held around Boonville.

I created the first website for the EPC in 2015 alongside the original CCBC website. This website was hand-coded using HTML and CSS in macOS TextEdit, with graphics produced in Pixelmator. Alongside the website, I created a program booklet that was sold at the various events.

In 2016, the EPC website received an overhaul to better match the updated CCBC website. Navigation on this new website was streamlined, offering quick links to popular parts of the site. A direct link was added to the CCBC website at the top of the page, enabling people to switch between the sites.

The site is currently offline after the sponsoring organization, the CCBC, went out of business.

Software: Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 (redesign), TextEdit (original design)
Languages: HTML, CSS

Concerned Citizens for a Better Community website

CCBC, Inc.*

The Concerned Citizens for a Better Community, Inc. - better known as the CCBC - was a community organization in Boonville, Missouri that helped improve the community and quality of life through events and fundraisers. I constructed the original website in April 2015 using HTML and CSS, hand-coded in macOS TextEdit. Graphics were done in Pixelmator.

An updated website completed in 2016 better matched the historic color scheme of Sumner School, the historically segregated school that served as the organization's headquarters. The updated website also better linked to the website for their annual event, the Emancipation Proclamation Celebration, using tabs located at the top of the site. That website was also hand-coded from scratch in HTML and CSS. This time, Adobe Dreamweaver was used, with graphics done in Adobe Photoshop.

The organization closed its doors in August 2019. Shortly before the organization ceased operations, I assisted the organization with migrating to a WordPress-based site that replaced the standalone website devloped from scratch using HTML and CSS. This WordPress site was intended to make editing and maintenance easier, as they no longer relied on me to publish content.

Software: Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 (redesign), TextEdit (original design)
Languages: HTML, CSS


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