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In today's world, words alone won't captivate an audience. Videos, photo slideshows, maps, sound bites/audio and many other tools can help present your message in a more inviting way.

As a journalist, I've incorporated videos, photo slideshows, maps and more into my work. In addition to working with video and other interactive elements, I have also done audio work - from producing commercials to entire podcasts.

Audio Work

Software: Adobe Audition, Audacity

Hardware: Zoom LiveTrax L8 mixer, traditional studio mixing boards

UCM Veteran's Voice logo

UCM Veteran's Voice

Starting in February 2020, the UCM Veteran's Voice podcast was designed to be a place where veterans could discuss their feelings on various topics. Since, the show has been in production three semesters and consists of nine hours of audio.

I am responsible for producing each episode from pre-production (contacting potential guests, scheduling, writing treatments, writing a script) to production (setting up and managing recording equipment) to post-production (audio editing, uploading to podcasting platforms, publicizing.) In addition to running the show itself, I'm also in charge of managing the social media accounts linked to the podcast and branding.

My roles: Producer, director, co-host
Equipment: Zoom LiveTrax L8, ElectroVoice RE-20 studio microphones
Software: Adobe Audition (Macintosh)
Host:, UCM "The Beat"


Software: Adobe Premiere Pro, CyberLink PowerDirector, iMovie

Hardware: Sony NX5u cameras, Canon T5i cameras

Faces of UCM: Kelly Murphy

Kelly Murphy is not only well known on the University of Central Missouri campus, but nationwide after being named the first-ever champion of the CBS hit television show Tough As Nails.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Murphy and discuss his involvement on the show in a five-minute episode of Faces of UCM. This multi-camera episode was shot in UCM's Central TV laboratory studio.

My roles: host/reporting, pre-production, B-roll filming, editing
Equipment: Blackmagic Design studio cameras, NewTek TriCaster, Sony lavalier wired microphones, Sony NX5u (B-roll)
Software: Adobe Premiere Pro (Macintosh)

Students and their Hobbies

As with most other campuses, the University of Central Missouri is home to a wide variety of students with differing interests, hobbies, and side-jobs.

In this ten-minute multi-camera project, I talked with two other students about their hobbies and interests. In a third segment, I discuss my own interest in vintage computing.

My roles: host/reporting, pre-production, B-roll filming, editing
Equipment: Blackmagic Design studio cameras, Sony wired lavalier microphones, NewTek TriCaster, Sony NX5u (B-roll)
Software: Adobe Premiere Pro (Macintosh)

Building Automation Maintains Temperatures at UCM

"It's too hot." "It's too cold."

These expressions are common around the University of Central Missouri campus, as temperature swings can be common.

I sought to find out how temperatures are maintained for campus. Michael Neudigate, building automation specialist for UCM's Facilities, Planning and Operations, explained the central computer systems which control the various boilers, chillers, air handlers and other machinery that makes up the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems on campus.

In the video, Neudigate explained the automated system was installed to conserve energy and maintain a comfortable, average temperature across campus.

I produced this video myself. (Reporting, filming, editing, etc.)
Equipment: Sony NX5u camera, Sony wireless lavalier microphones
Software: Adobe Premiere Pro (Macintosh)

'Delizioso' Changes Affecting SPIN! Pizza

For University of Central Missouri students and the surrounding community, SPIN! Pizza is a popular place to hang out and get dinner.

In February 2019, SPIN! Neapolitan Pizza underwent a transition - changing parts of their menu and even their name. The "Neapolitan" part of their name, and hard-to-pronounce Italian names for menu items were simplified with English names. The new menu also featured new items such as a double pepperoni pizza, new sandwiches, a new salad and a new pizza sauce.

Sara Carhart, area director for SPIN! Pizza, spoke with me about the changes on camera.

My roles: reporting, B-roll filming, editing
Equipment: JVC Prosumer camera, Sony wireless lavalier microphones
Software: Adobe Premiere Pro (Macintosh)

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